Sizztex Senshi Barber Scissors In Flat Black 6” Shears


Professional Hair Cutting Scissors manufactured from stainless Steel, the scissors are finished in flat black with a gold tensioning nut and finger rest, ideal for Men/Women Cutting for Salon/Barber/Home

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About this item

  • Sizztex hair scissors are made by our professional craftsman. They care every detail of the hair scissors and make sure all the Sizztex hair scissors are the best of the best.
  • Comfortable crane handle design of hairdresser’s scissors with permanent finger rest is perfect for detailing and slicing. Its 6 inches short, bladed design makes it indispensable among hairstylists.
  • Comes with a convex blade to reduce pressure, providing you with a quick and smooth haircut. The razor-sharp edges of these professional hair scissors for women and men provide precision cutting for complex hairstyles and will not dull as quickly as others.
  • These scissors for hair cutting come with a gold tension screw to fine-tune the shears to your personal preference to cut effortlessly and reliably.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us by email, we have a dedicated customer service department.


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